ÉQUIPEMENT de l’Excellent Studio du Québec™

Liste à jour en date de janvier 2022

COFFEE MACHINE : Lelit Mara X with Baratza Sette grinder


RFT cm7151 (x1) with m7 capsules (1950-54)

Neumann KM84

Neumann KM54 (x2) Tube condenser microphone (50’s)

Neumann KM56 Switchable polar pattern tube condenser microphone (50’s)

Neumann SM2 Stereo tube condenser mic (1950’s)

Neumann u87i (x2) Fet condenser microphone (late 70’s) – Matched pair

RCA BK5b Ribbon Mic

RCA 77dx Ribbon Mic

AKG c5600 Condenser kick mic (c414 teflon capsule)

AKG c414 (comb) LDC with ck12 brass capsule

Shure sm57 (x2) Dynamic

Reslo British ribbon mic 50’s

Shure model 120  intercom style

Coles 4038 Ribbon mic

EV electro-voice 635a dynamic omni-directional

EV RE-20 dynamic mic

EV 666 dynamic mic

Sennheiser md421 dynamic mic



iMac , ProTools 12

SPL (32 in 32out) w/ SPL Madicon

Revox pr99 mk3, 2 track ¼ inch tape machine


Empirical Labs Fatso

Thermionic Culture Vulture

Gates SA39b Tube Limiter

Retro Sta-Level (RCA nos 6386)

API 2500 Stereo Compressor

1176 clone rev.D (2x)

1176 clone rev A

ADR Compex F760X RS  Stereo Compressor

API 525 x2

API 527 x2 (API console onboard compressor)

Manley Variable-Mu Tube Compressor


API The Box 2 (8 preamps)

NEVE 1272 Vintage line driver/preamp (2x)

Raytheon RZ10 (4x RZP-10 plug-in preamplifier) (1948)

McCurdy PE2400 4 preamps class A discrete modified


Ampeg b25b (1970)+ Cab b25b 2×15

50’s small tube amp Canadian made 8 watt

Bryston 3b

Fender Champ (1973) 5 watts

Marshall 15 watt practice amp, solid state

Dynachord Gigant PA tube amp


RETRO Instruments 2a3 (Stereo Pultec)

API 550b x 2

CAPI bt50 x 2

API 560 (x2)

API 550a (x3)

Custom Audio Germany HDE 250Stereo EQ


Roland RE-201 Space Echo (tape delay + spring reverb)

Lexicon pcm 70 v2.2

Eventide Instant Phaser Vintage hardware Phase shifter

AKG BX-20 Spring Reverb

MAM VSR-3Spring Reverb

UAD Satellite octo


PSI audio A-17m w/ Transparence Subwoofer


Sennheiser HD650

Beyer DT-770

Focal Clear Mg Professional


RND DI (Active direct box)

Thorens Turntable td 166 mk2 with Grado green cartridge


Ludwig Silver Sparkle 1965 13×9 16x16x 22×14

Gretsch aluminum Snare drum 14×5

Gretsch USA custom Bop kit Silver sparkle

Gretsch Brooklyn standard Snare drum

Yamaha recording custom steel Snare drum  14×6,5

Ludwig Snare drum black oyster 14×5 (1960-61)

Ludwig Supraphonic 14×5

Ludwig Supersensitive 14×6,5

PRS Santana guitare électrique

Moog Micromoog (1977)

Behringer Poly D

Roland CR78 drum machine

Hammond H124XL organ

Raven Japanese Bass 4strings

Cort Bass Steinberger model

Fender Bass Mustang 2011

Lotus Guitar Stratocaster model

Various Cymbals and Rides (Spizzichino, K Constantinople, vintage A etc…)